Sign Making

Well if you haven’t noticed, the new trend these days is taking a sign making class !

Why? because they’re fun and functional on your walls. Sometimes they are just cute and to the point and other times they say so much more. Affirmations of things we want to remind ourselves of every single day we get up or names and dates of the people that mean so much to us.

Whatever you decide on…make it something that gives you joy every time you see and read it. Famous sayings, song lyrics, aphorisms, sarcasm…anything goes as long as it’s a direct reflection of you and your home.


New Inventions

Have you ever had a great idea for a new invention that was incredibly unique and wondered why it hadn’t been marketed yet ??

Well you’re not alone! check out some of these great and almost genius ideas that someone took the time to get out there to consumers. Now it doesn’t seem so crazy does it ?

Check out all these unique little inventions that would be ideal for some of us;


Ah the creative headboard….you can do it !!

Anything goes today with headboards. The more unusual, the more outstanding. You can gather ideas right out of your old shed packed with leftovers and recycled junk. As long as you can make a statement above and behind your master bed…you’ve nailed it.

Bookcases around outside with a wallpapered inset? wowza. What about an old door turned on it’s side….and those old lights over your head for reading? plug ins ! Even hanging fabric from the ceiling acts as a Regal head rest when you hit the pillow at night. So many different ways to highlight your master bedroom and make a grand focal point that ties in with the theme of your home.

At a loss for ideas? Pinterest…youtube. Just gather the ideas that speak to you and then make it your own. Have fun!

Getting “Summer Ready” in Your Strata Space

So you live in a Strata but want your balcony Spring/Summer ready so you can extend your living space for a few months…..I get it. Hard to know what you’re allowed to do on that space without signalling the powers on the council. My first tip as a Real Estate agent is don’t make them your enemy. Trust me. The people on council are fellow homeowners that all have that same goal in mind….to uphold the value of their and your home. Make them your best friend. In fact, once you have that Utopian balcony space…invite a few of them over for a glass of wine to enjoy it. Then you’re less likely to have a problem.

Having said that, you do have general guidelines to follow so that the exterior of the building stays consistent looking from the outside. Dig out your Bylaws and Rules and take a quick run through them so you get the big picture. After that? have fun staying within the rules.

If you like greenery…consider something artificial on the sidewalls that makes it feel like a true outdoor space when you’re in it. Inexpensive teak tiles help to make it feel like a detached home patio and they can’t be seen from the street. Lighting is the place you can have the most fun. They are temporary so bling it up while your using the balcony and it will feel like you are on holidays.

If you are ever unsure if something will be allowed, just call your property manager and run it by them. Usually if they present it to council, you’ll know if it’s a go or not and then you may just have strata’s permission ;))


Outdoor kitchens bring families together for fun times during the warm months. Especially if you live in a seasonal climate that only allows you to enjoy the outdoor space for a limited period. Maybe you can afford to hire a designer that specializes in the perfect space or maybe you rely on your own expertise, it doesn’t have to be huge or Georgie worthy.

Just throwing some bricks into a circle to hold a gas burner will become a center point to gather around.


Vignettes, the designer word for grouping things to catch interest rather than clutter. Kind of a wise idea actually. Especially in the kitchen. We generally have many items on our counter tops that we use on a daily basis so why not try to make it look intentional ?

Using height, color, texture and putting it together in a thoughtful way and voila ! Mess transitioned into art.

Front Door Love!!

I’ve always said that your entrance tells a story about the people that live inside or the rooms you’re about to enter. Check out these fun door options!

You can stay conservative or go bat *&$&^ crazy and paint your door wild.

Whatever you choose….your door will set the tone.

Some advice on flowers

Some of the most enchanting posies in a vase are those just collected from your yard in the spring. The less organized looking bunches that are clipped right from the branches can bring your outdoors in and give it that thoughtful feel as though your home is inhabited by someone quite charming.

Grandma used to cut simple cherry blossoms, Forsythia or Lilacs and let them stand tall in a jar so that the family could celebrate the warmer weather due. Doing this for your Open House gives it that special edge and keeps your home fresh and even smelling lovely.

Let people enjoy the whole branch that holds the blossom. Your greenery is already built in and it will keep the flowers up high while they impress.