Can You ‘Test Drive’ Wallpaper? You bet!

So what if you’re born with style and the unending need to express it, but you don’t own your home yet? or what happens when you do own your home and love bright statements but are a little shy of committing to anything bold?

Here’s what….removable Wallpaper ! just google it. I bet you didn’t even realize it existed.
So many selections makes it easy to go loud in a small area and then change it up in a couple of years. Now this is a fun idea.

Dreaming of Spring… Selling?

So it’s officially Spring and you want to list your home?! I know it’s hard to read prep advice in our Vancouver market the way it is today. So little inventory right now and those that hit the mls seem to fly off the shelf.

Well it won’t always be this way so the general rule for listing preparation, is as follows;

Clean, de clutter, clean, de clutter and CLEAN.

Yes you heard me right. What sells the fastest? Homes that are clean and uncluttered. These are the homes that buyers can imagine themselves living in. If you’re planning on moving anyway, then throw all the clutter that you don’t need into boxes and stack them out of sight as best you can.

Have your house pressure washed and clean the gutters. Remember that first impressions are the most important so make your home look cared for. Edge your grass or pay a landscaper to do a thorough yard clean up

Planters with rich full blooms and trailing plants are great for hiding ugly little spots. Window boxes can always brighten the outside of the home and a real stunner can be a quick coat of fabulous color for the front door.

If it looks great to you, chances are it will look good to others!

Time to See The Light!

I once worked in a lighting store and it was then that I realized the power of lighting in a home. It became crystal clear that some lighting was task, some for ambiance and some for overall illumination.

I’m surprised at how often lighting is overlooked in a home and even after renovations. I always tell people that the lighting is the jewellery on a great outfit. You can throw in those standard clip lights just so you can see where you’re going….or you can dazzle all those who enter.

The standard Island light with 1 junction for 3 lights…..can be gorgeous when carefully planned to suit your interior, but take a look at some of these other ideas. Over the island is where you can really say something about your personal style while still getting all the light you need.

Warming Things Up!

For the very select few that still have Wood Burning fireplaces in their home, I bet you have a creepy bug filled spot in the yard, garage or basement where you keep the firewood waiting for a cold winter night.

As our design idea’s evolve into a more organic ‘bring the outdoors in’ kind of look, consider making some of your firewood a part of the room. Stacking it beautifully in one spot will showcase the gorgeous rings of art that happen naturally.

Different sizes, colors lengths…have fun with it. With a clean modern fireplace you could have some stunning art right next to it and all that is required, is an axe or chainsaw and a handy husband. Or perhaps it’s easiest to simply buy a cord of wood from someone who’s done the work for you 😉

How GREEN are you really ?

Think you could live in these green rooms ? It would take a very brave family to choose a beloved color and decide to go strong with it in one of their rooms but if you’re going to ? give it your all.

Whether you punch things up with accents of your color on a neutral background or you choose 3 shades of it and plaster it all over the room….just go for it.

Living deeply in your favorite hue is bound to make you smile everyday.

Try a Gallery Wall!

What do you do when you’ve just run out of walls to hang your precious family photo’s or your favorite pieces of art on? Gallery Wall, that’s what!

Whether it’s insanely measured out in straight lines or simply started with one piece of prized art that you bought your first year of marriage….the Gallery wall is a great way to fit it all in.

As long as you trust your instinct with balance and your look is somewhat deliberate….the Gallery wall can be your best option to get everything you love on the wall. Frames can all be the same or not. I did one on my dining room wall that was painted a ‘Midnight Blue’ and it is a stunner.

Loving the one up the stairway and around the corner. Why not?

Give it a try!

The Open Plan Kitchen – My Theory!

Why do we all want and love the Open Plan when we renovate and redesign our kitchens ?
Well I have a theory….may even be a little Political 😉

Most generations now believe in inclusiveness. We don’t hire folks to cook and clean for us as they did in days past ( way past ) but find ourselves in those roles equally today. When I say equally, I mean even the men of the household are pitching in and either choosing to cook or clean. Whatever works to keep our families organized on a daily basis.

When we’re basting the bird for a family dinner….we want to still be a part of the lively conversations that friends and family are having or as we’re preparing drinks while hosting cocktails for work associates, we want that to happen without being out of sight.

The families of this day and age… together, cook together, clean together and it only makes sense that it’s all open for us to enjoy.

If this is your dream kitchen, consider buying just below your range and throw a little reno money in to get the hub of the house exactly the way you like it.

What have I been doing for the last two years you ask ???

summer2015 018

It’s been a long long time since last post….wow. A lot has changed around our house.

As you know, I’m a really big advocate on the exterior space as well as interior….so check out our back yard now !!

Yes we pulled the trigger on the make belief grass. Now my husband can focus solely on having the nicest front yard in the hood while the rest of us enjoy our pool side oasis out back. It gets a little toasty in the sunshine but as long as you wear the flip flops, you’ll have the cool illusion of rain forest lush.

We even used some muscle and installed a cute little tramp to sit down flush with the ground. Then we molded the dirt into a soft little donut around it and voila…’s like Disneyland back here. What kid couldn’t find stuff to do ALL DAY LONG in this yard?! Almost feels unnecessary to travel now…..almost….but not quite.

If you are thinking about the artificial turf for your yard, you might not want the large quantity that we went with ( had a pile of cracked concrete to cover ) but a little of this stuff is well worth the initial cost and it was still so much cheaper than a thin coat of concrete.

summer2015 017

summer2015 011