The Spring Market…It’s Here!

It’s here so I hope you’re ready. The time of year when we start to see Garage Sale signs go up because people have cleared out their junk in time to list the house.

It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start but make a list, ask around for advice and post the sale so you give yourself a deadline. Once you start clearing things you don’t need…the anxiety will lift and you will feel more energized. Just making a little space from the trinkets that you’ve sold, will give you better focus on what’s next.

Some cute ideas for cleaning, organizing and selling…..

Remember to make it fun…make it an event. Get the kids involved. Ask them to be thoughtful about set up. Tell them it’s their first Marketing project and arrange things in a way that will help them sell.

Make your signs engaging. You will be surprised how much fun it is to sell things you no longer want or need. Someone will be thrilled to find them!!


Holiday month

Ahhh it’s that time again…..

The Holiday month that we get all festive over. We nag our partners to get some lights up on the house and we google voraciously for ideas to spruce (literally) up the inside.

Some great greenery from the yard is crazy helpful and some simple wood pieces will go a long way.

Wrap the front door? put little glittery lights on everything and you’re bound to feel the season. Dollar stores can be great in a pinch too. Try using a glue gun to attach sorted snowflakes and then pop your little lights behind them and voila….a Christmas decor guru.

Happy December 2017…see you next year 😉

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Small Space ? Want a Tub ?

Yes it’s possible.

As the years pass, we here in Canada are finding more and more solutions to our cramped living styles. We may be losing rambling acres of land to raise our children on but those brilliant European Ikea types of solutions are becoming more and more mainstream.

I often see tubs done away with in small homes in place of the all efficient shower stall that suits our busy lifestyles on a daily basis but for those hard core soakers….consider the Japanese Soaker Tub as your new alternative. The Asian culture have used it for centuries and although you’re in more of a sitting position, you get all of the great benefits of chilling in hot water.

They take up less space so you can still add the necessary shower for everyday while popping the soaker in a tight corner for those nights with sore muscles.

You really can have it all !!  😉



Let’s Look at Barn Doors

Well they sure have become the new trend but talk about a really useful one! I just can’t see this one going away anytime soon due to it’s space saving qualities.

Imagine getting rid of those annoying bi-fold doors that need room to open and installing a barn door that slides easily and allows you to almost butt your furniture right up to it.

The best thing about these sliding wonder doors is your ability to choose one that suits you and your decor. Most Home Hardware stores now carry the hardware to DIY your own slider and if you aren’t really that particular, just buy a door off the shelf and give it a coat of paint to blend in to your room.

I’ve added a few pics of some really great ideas to inspire. If you’re not penny pinching, go for that super modern custom glass one that separates a small space while keeping it visually open and airy.

Happy Sliding.


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Looking for a Home?

I love when people ask me for home searching advice…after all, this is what I do every single day !

My advice is simple and straightforward. Start looking a few months before you’re ready to purchase. Be disciplined and don’t fall in love with things just yet. The idea is to gather as much info on what’s out there so that when you are really ready to go….you can simply hone in on exactly what you’re looking for.

If you haven’t done the pre research….that’s when you will not only drive yourself nuts…but your Realtor too. It’s very difficult for us to do our job in finding your perfect home when you are still all over the map with your wish list. I’ve had many clients tell me that they want at least 7000 sq/ft in a lot….and then present me with a listing that is only 4000 sq/ft. Now I could have brought that to your attention had you mentioned that you were open to all sized lots.

The most important criteria in a home search is that the property suit your particular lifestyle now and for some years to come. For instance, if you’re still with small children….you likely care about proximity to schools and activities while having a fully fenced yard for safety. Lot sizes will vary when your top priorities are all about lifestyle.

Stay open and do your pre search for everyone’s sanity. Then when you’re sure of what you really want in a home….go get it !!

Let’s Talk About Real Estate Fee’s…..

There is often a misconception with the public that Real Estate Agents make ridiculous amounts of money and do not do the work to earn it. I want to reiterate…MISCONCEPTION.

90% of Realtors make a very average income once their brokerage fee’s, taxes and advertising costs are deducted. The 10% that make great money, generally are working on a volume basis, have been for years and have hired the extra staff to maintain that volume.

Working in Real Estate is a self employment business that costs every agent a monthly fee just to operate their business. We either pay it monthly or those costs come off of our commissions when they arrive. As a Self Employed individual, there are no guarantee’s of income and we are not eligible for employment insurance if we or anyone in our family were to get sick.

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Wicker and Why

Sometimes just the word ‘wicker’ can send people into reminders of their Grandma’s house with the fluffy little wicker doilies but this material is the next best thing to wood pieces in a room that add warmth and calm to the space.
You can find modern furniture, accessories and even art pieces that incorporate some wicker/rattan that will do wonders for a cold and organized space. It all depends on it’s shape, use and the way it’s presented in a room. Wicker has so much texture and it mimics wood beautifully that it can only soften hard spaces.
So very useful too!

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Counter top materials

Let’s talk about Counter top materials. It’s been an amazing year for home value’s increasing and for those that are staying put….it’s been a perfect time to borrow from your home value and do that renovation that you’ve dreamed about for years.

And I’m going to guess that it’s the KITCHEN or BATHROOM that you are putting the money into!

So for those that struggle with what material to go with on counter tops…here’s a little summary.

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Our Evolving Market

Where are we at today in our evolving market you ask ?

It appears that detached homes over 1M market have stabilized although if priced well, are still selling relatively quickly by historical standards. Greater Vancouver is still very desirable and always will be so that gives us a great foundation. Detached homes are losing some of the frenzy we’ve seen over the last couple of years…much easier for buyers to make informed decisions and forcing sellers to price in a more cerebral manner.

Town homes are still fairly hot and especially so under around $600K in the suburban areas. They will still see multiple offers if priced well and looking great.

Condo’s are our Gold market currently and still really frustrating for buyers in the entry level market. Anything under $400K could still see double digit offers and they tend to be won by cash/subject free offers which generally can’t be submitted by first time buyers.

In summary, still a Sellers market with low inventory levels that seem to be driving our prices but slowly stabilizing from the top down.

Let’s see where we’re at month to month to keep our finger on the pulse of our Real Estate market.


As a Realtor, we are constantly driving around neighborhoods looking for specific address’ to meet with clients and potential clients so having a clearly laid out and lit up number is so very nice. And hey, always great for the Chinese food deliver as well 😉

On a detached home there are no rules so have fun with and try to make it a reflection of you and your family’s lifestyle.










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