The Spring Market…It’s Here!

It’s here so I hope you’re ready. The time of year when we start to see Garage Sale signs go up because people have cleared out their junk in time to list the house.

It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start but make a list, ask around for advice and post the sale so you give yourself a deadline. Once you start clearing things you don’t need…the anxiety will lift and you will feel more energized. Just making a little space from the trinkets that you’ve sold, will give you better focus on what’s next.

Some cute ideas for cleaning, organizing and selling…..

Remember to make it fun…make it an event. Get the kids involved. Ask them to be thoughtful about set up. Tell them it’s their first Marketing project and arrange things in a way that will help them sell.

Make your signs engaging. You will be surprised how much fun it is to sell things you no longer want or need. Someone will be thrilled to find them!!