Small Space ? Want a Tub ?

Yes it’s possible.

As the years pass, we here in Canada are finding more and more solutions to our cramped living styles. We may be losing rambling acres of land to raise our children on but those brilliant European Ikea types of solutions are becoming more and more mainstream.

I often see tubs done away with in small homes in place of the all efficient shower stall that suits our busy lifestyles on a daily basis but for those hard core soakers….consider the Japanese Soaker Tub as your new alternative. The Asian culture have used it for centuries and although you’re in more of a sitting position, you get all of the great benefits of chilling in hot water.

They take up less space so you can still add the necessary shower for everyday while popping the soaker in a tight corner for those nights with sore muscles.

You really can have it all !!  😉