Let’s Look at Barn Doors

Well they sure have become the new trend but talk about a really useful one! I just can’t see this one going away anytime soon due to it’s space saving qualities.

Imagine getting rid of those annoying bi-fold doors that need room to open and installing a barn door that slides easily and allows you to almost butt your furniture right up to it.

The best thing about these sliding wonder doors is your ability to choose one that suits you and your decor. Most Home Hardware stores now carry the hardware to DIY your own slider and if you aren’t really that particular, just buy a door off the shelf and give it a coat of paint to blend in to your room.

I’ve added a few pics of some really great ideas to inspire. If you’re not penny pinching, go for that super modern custom glass one that separates a small space while keeping it visually open and airy.

Happy Sliding.