Looking for a Home?

I love when people ask me for home searching advice…after all, this is what I do every single day !

My advice is simple and straightforward. Start looking a few months before you’re ready to purchase. Be disciplined and don’t fall in love with things just yet. The idea is to gather as much info on what’s out there so that when you are really ready to go….you can simply hone in on exactly what you’re looking for.

If you haven’t done the pre research….that’s when you will not only drive yourself nuts…but your Realtor too. It’s very difficult for us to do our job in finding your perfect home when you are still all over the map with your wish list. I’ve had many clients tell me that they want at least 7000 sq/ft in a lot….and then present me with a listing that is only 4000 sq/ft. Now I could have brought that to your attention had you mentioned that you were open to all sized lots.

The most important criteria in a home search is that the property suit your particular lifestyle now and for some years to come. For instance, if you’re still with small children….you likely care about proximity to schools and activities while having a fully fenced yard for safety. Lot sizes will vary when your top priorities are all about lifestyle.

Stay open and do your pre search for everyone’s sanity. Then when you’re sure of what you really want in a home….go get it !!