Let’s Talk About Real Estate Fee’s…..

There is often a misconception with the public that Real Estate Agents make ridiculous amounts of money and do not do the work to earn it. I want to reiterate…MISCONCEPTION.

90% of Realtors make a very average income once their brokerage fee’s, taxes and advertising costs are deducted. The 10% that make great money, generally are working on a volume basis, have been for years and have hired the extra staff to maintain that volume.

Working in Real Estate is a self employment business that costs every agent a monthly fee just to operate their business. We either pay it monthly or those costs come off of our commissions when they arrive. As a Self Employed individual, there are no guarantee’s of income and we are not eligible for employment insurance if we or anyone in our family were to get sick.

If we do not buy or sell on behalf of our clients, we do not earn any income although we may have been working for months prior to make something happen. That is months of unpaid work. All the while our monthly fee’s still being charged to us by our brokerages.

Often when the public see’s our commission amount…they do not take into consideration what the NET amount will be and it’s often very humbling.

If we are good at what we do, we can definitely make a decent living but that always requires effort and hard work like any other industry. So if I work really hard for you? What kind of services can you expect….?

I sit with you and I go over all of my services and I listen to your ideas and we talk about how to integrate those into my overall marketing plan. I try very hard to assess what part you want to take in the overall process. Lot’s of input? Or simply…leave me alone until you have the best offer for me.

I go over all of the things that are important to be done prior to listing so that you will get top dollar. I often will include cleaning as part of my listing agreement, either before we hit mls or a move out clean when your property is sold.

I often include staging as a part of my services if I think it will help sell your home faster and for more money. This requires diplomacy, as we only want to highlight  a homes space and movement for maximum value without offending the homeowners sense of style.

I order photo’s to be taken professionally of your home to draw in buyers.

I order laser measurements of your home to add a floor plan to your feature sheet.

I order 2 or 3 page color feature sheets that hold all pertinent information on your home as well as the beautiful photo’s.

In regards to paperwork…we bring to you a legal listing contract so that you understand all of our obligations to you legally, professionally and personally. Along with that we are required to also fill out and supply to our brokerages…

  1. Working With a Realtor – explains our legal obligations
  2. Data Input Sheet – very detailed information on your property that will be uploaded to the Mls system
  3. Fintrac – Government requirement to prevent Money laundering and illegal practices
  4. Pds – Your property disclosure statement in which you disclose any pertinent information
  5. Disclosure of Remuneration – you are always aware of fee’s and nothing can be hidden
  6. Receipt of any funds received – all money received is disclosed and put into brokerage trust account

Your property is then advertised on our MLS system which ALL agents have access to as well as ……

  1. www.stacydeakin.com
  2. www.REALTOR.ca
  3. www.realtylink.org
  4. www.rew.ca
  5. Facebook/Stacy Deakin/Real Estate ( Paid, targeted advertising )
  6. www.craigslist.ca
  7. www.kijiji.ca                                      ( Paid, targeted advertising )
  8. www.instagram.ca                            ( Paid, targeted advertising )

I then plan an Open House on a specific date and time and I flyer the neighborhood to be aware as this creates a larger audience and a necessary buzz around your home.

I field all calls and inquiries on your home and arrange for showings around your schedule. I show you all and any offers that are submitted to you.

I then broker the best deal to present to you for the sale of your home, by way of a LEGAL binding contract that only a lawyer could do except without all of the above.

As a Realtor, we work every single day on buying and selling homes for our clients and in doing so we build a solid network of business connections that help you to get it done as quickly as the market allows. If you choose to sell your home without a Realtor to save the fee’s….the lack of knowledge you will experience in legally protecting yourself, marketing your home fully as well as the time, effort, stress and cost to you for signs, advertising and supplies….may well exceed the savings in the end.

Because I recognize that clients are trying to make the best of their Real Estate Dollars…I offer 2 separate price structures to choose from on the listing Agreement.

Family & Friends Package;

6% on the 1st 100K and 2.5% on the balance. This is a considerable savings for the seller and as such…I will ask that you forfeit any cleaning and staging services that I normally offer.

Full Service Package;

7% on the 1st 100K and 2.8% on the balance. This is my standard rate that will include all of the services outlined in the info I have provided here.

These fee’s are total and are paid upon closing at which time the Buyers agent takes approximately half at 3.225% on the 1st 100K and 1.1625% on the balance.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand my Value to you as a Professional Real Estate Agent and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that are not clear.

Stacy Deakin