Counter top materials

Let’s talk about Counter top materials. It’s been an amazing year for home value’s increasing and for those that are staying put….it’s been a perfect time to borrow from your home value and do that renovation that you’ve dreamed about for years.

And I’m going to guess that it’s the KITCHEN or BATHROOM that you are putting the money into!

So for those that struggle with what material to go with on counter tops…here’s a little summary.

  • Laminate – we’ve had this for years and years, Grandma’s still love it…they can pick from an endless supply of color and styles and it gets better and better every year in terms of quality. But yes it still is our least expensive option and our least popular option with the upcoming generations. Consider your resale value if you are going with laminate.
  • Granite – A beautiful stone counter that comes in an array of color that likely has tons of movement with grains and swirls. Must be resealed every year or two to keep it from discoloring.
  • Quartz – A man made option that feels and looks exactly like Granite except that it’s a composite of stone and man made substances making it incredibly non porous and completely color controlled. If you don’t love the busy movement with natural granite, you’ll love the Quartz option.
  • Concrete – Has become a popular option for it’s strength and industrial look. Easy to also mold a sink right into the project. An option to be considered.
  • Wood – A great farmhouse style option that brings much warmth to the room. Often used in conjunction with a stone elsewhere. A perfect built in chopping spot.

Find what works best for you and go with that if you’re staying for a long time. If you’re considering selling anytime soon…consider what might be a great trend for others.